CTRC caters for riders of all abilities. We provide lessons and camps for complete beginners through to riders competing in open competition. Riders can begin lessons at 6 years of age and proving age is no barrier either we have riders riding weekly with us who are in their eighties! During the day our Group lessons are set up as much as possible with riders of the same ability. During the week we have a 3.30 45 minute after school lesson that is tailored for beginners. The 4.15pm one hour lesson is for those who can walk trot and canter on their own and the 5.15pm & 6.15pm lessons for those more experienced riders. We do have a Saturday morning advanced jumping lesson that is available for our more competitive riders.

One off lessons for able bodied riders are $85 each but if riders book in and pay for an entire Term you will receive a 10% discount. Parents and riders are also encouraged to join in with as many of the centres activities as possible and we find that those who become regulars quickly become part of our ‘family” and enjoy showing community spirit around the centre especially helping out with the School Holiday Day camp programs, our Hay roster, helping before and after lessons etc. Our community is one that the more you put into the centre the more you get out of it!

Each month we like to highlight our “Achiever” of the month, who may be showing outstanding progress in their riding and at the same time show great community spirit around the centre.