CTRC Set to Reopen

Great news for friends and riders at the CTRC! The CTRC Board have approved a plan for the reopening of CTRC for lessons. The plan involves three stages with Stage 1 riders being invited to resume their normal lessons in Week 1, commencing Monday May 4th.

Stage 2 riders will be joining the program by hopefully week 2, commencing Monday, 11th of May. The timing of Stage 3, with the centre operating back at it’s full capacity, will await the full reduction of restrictions by the Government.

One of the new recommendations to be introduced is:

“To eliminate the risk of cross contamination, we strongly recommend all clients to purchase their own riding helmet. We have negotiated with Horseland Perth, and they are offering all CTRC clients a ten percent (10%) discount on their entire range of helmets for the next month.

The store is located at 430 Newcastle Street, West Perth, and please mention us when you go in.

For those that are not able to purchase their own helmet, there will be CTRC helmets available, and as part of the new procedures, these will be disinfected af