Lessons provide both therapy and learning experience for the participating riders psychologically as well as physically. We find the social benefits of riding weigh equally with the physical therapeutic benefits and our clients are treated (outwardly) no different to our able riders and we find our clients and families really appreciate this. Our qualified coaches are trained to work with a wide variety of disabilities and our aim is to give each rider the best possible experience. Where required clients are led by one of our volunteers who cheerfully interact with riders during the lesson which also adds to the social interaction of the visit. Clients are encouraged to participate in group mounted games and their ability with these games and the basics of riding are measured and recorded during the year and measured against their plan or riding goals.

Different levels of supported riding lessons are offered at CTRC, supported group lessons, clients who need to be supported while riding have the option of M’Liss riding with them of what we call a “Double Dink” lesson or clients have the option of being involved in instructor Jo Blomquists “Ride Therapy” program where riders are supported by two sidewalkers plus a leader and ride on a special blanket over the pony that gives the rider a closer feeling to the movements of the horse and then run through a series of physio based exercises made into games that benefit each riders balance, core, muscular development and co-ordination. Jo runs this program in one on one sessions at CTRC and further information on her lessons can be found HERE.

Costs vary for the type of lesson. As we are an approved NDIS/DSC individualised provider clients can have their lessons added into their yearly plan and have these costs covered. If you are DSC registered and not yet in an NDIS area then lesson costs can be covered by a LIF plan. As CTRC is in the changeover from Block to Individualised Funding we have been asked to individualise our current block funding through our current clients and we may have places available for this in the run up to June 30th. Please contact us or see your LC for further information. Riders are also most welcome to self fund their riding lessons. Group lessons run from 10.30 am to 3.30 each weekday and Rider Therapy lessons are timetabled with Jo Blomquist.

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As of July 1st 2023

  • Group lesson $75
  • 1/2 hour beginners lesson $45

Each month we like to award an Inspirational Rider of the Month and we have so many clients with great individual stories that the decision of who to choose each month is extremely difficult!