Alex’s Story

Alex loves animals, he has such a strong bond with our dogs at home, they give him a sense of calm and happiness. That is why his parents thought horse riding would be perfect for Alex. Alex started riding at CTRC in April this year and he quickly made a strong connection with his pony, Apple. He will often pat Apple and lean forward to give him a hug. 

Alex seemed at ease the first time he sat on Apple. Each week he loves engaging with his leader Tonia, socially interacting with her by pointing and laughing with her. He loves playing the ‘Cup Game’ and hiding ducks around the arena. 

He is calm and happy when he is riding Apple and this has translated into his daily life. Since commencing horse riding, his core strength has improved significantly, as has his balance and coordination. We are so happy to see the great progress he has made and love it when he gallops around at home like Apple.