Zachary’s Story

The first time we met Zachary back in mid-September, he didn’t really want to wear a hat and got quite agitated about getting on a horse, making lots of noise and waving his arms about. We introduced Zachary to his pony, Apple, and with two side-walkers helping him, he soon became calmer.
The next week he was back and raring to go! No probs with the helmet, happy to jump straight onto his friend Apple’s back for his ride. During this second ride he leant forward and gave Apple a lovely hug for the first time, and now loves to do that every week.
Zachary is very good at the cup race and trotting has now become his favourite thing. After 9 weeks, we have all noticed a huge difference. His balance has improved so much that we hardly have to hold him, and his Mum and Dad (who help us by side-walking) are thrilled with his progress. They tell us that he is much more engaged at home, and now that he is happy to wear a helmet, he is able to ride his bike too!
After today’s lesson, Zachary’s Dad said they will never stop bringing Zachary to CTRC, which of course we loved hearing! You’re a shining star Zachary and you are this month’s CTRC Inspirational Rider of the Month.

Zachary playing the cup game, riding Apple