Riding Programs


From Monday to Friday during the school terms our “slice of country in the heart of the city” centre that has at its heart a supportive family environment provides a range of lesson options for our clients. We have group lessons for both supported (led) and independent riders and for clients requiring more support we also have “one on one” supported riding lessons called Double Dinks where M’Liss rides on the horse with the client to fully support the rider on the horse.

Through Coach Joanne Blomquist we also offer individualised fully supported lessons through her own “Ride Therapy” program which has been designed for those clients who have decreased or increased movement dysfunctions, such as cerebral palsy, developmental motor coordination disorders (dyspraxia), autism, downs syndrome. Riders are supported by two sidewalkers and a leader and complete a set of exercises utilising the horse’s biomechanical movement to facilitate increased physical function by engaging sensory, neuro motor and cognitive systems. Like all lessons at CTRC Ride Therapy helps improve body management, dynamic core stability, body spatial awareness, balance, and coordination.

At 3.30 each day we have our half hour after school beginner’s class where our new riders are led by a volunteer when they first begin and will develop over time to a stage where they can walk trot and canter on their own.

Our 4pm one hour lesson is for those that can walk and trot on their own and are developing canter. At 5pm are our more advanced riders that are either working towards or are currently competing in competitions.

Our day camps are an exciting and challenging way for young children to be introduced to riding and equestrian skills. The camps are run on the school holidays, generally from 10am to 3pm each day, with our riders bring their own lunch. Everything is set up and ready for a fun filled day of activities in our farm environment, and as such, we encourage parents to send their children in old clothes, long pants and boots or sneakers. Helmets and a paired helper will be provided for riders to ensure they are safe and sound.

On the day, campers are given a workbook which they are welcome to take home to complete, and will spend the day learning about horses, stable duties, riding and being active in general.

We also encourage parents to arrive early before pickup so that they can watch and be involved in the camp too! Cost for the camp is $100 per day and riders are also most welcome to come on multiple days. Drop off time in the morning is between 9.30 and 10am.

Camp dates for 2020 include 14th-16th and 21st-23rd April, 7th-9th and 14th-16th of July, 6th-8th of October and 19th & 21st of December.

We want our young riders to dream big. Our coaches are ready to plan out classes and preparation to compete at different levels in a range of competitions that include Pony Club, EWA Open, RDA and Special Olympic competitions. All our qualified coaches have had long equestrian careers themselves and will be able to challenge young riders to consider entering competitions. From preparing riders for their first competitions at the Centre, to actually transporting our horses and coaching riders at competitions we can support your riding goals.

It’s never too late to learn a skill or pick up a passion like riding! Whether you are a complete beginner, coming back to riding after many years, wanting to advance in competition/horsemastership, or seeking the therapeutic benefits of riding – we can help you! From Monday to Friday during school hours we have group lessons available both led and unassisted for riders of all abilities. For those more advanced we have 5pm & 6pm flat and jumping classes and for our showjumping competition riders we have a Saturday morning jumping class.

CTRC provide the opportunity for riders to advance in equestrian skill and compete in many different levels. In addition to local and state Open and RDA competitions, our riders have gone to represent the CTRC and Australia at the Paralympics, World Games and Special Olympics. With the guidance of our coaches (who are experienced in competing themselves), the centre encourages riders to follow their dreams. From preparing riders for their first competitions at the Centre, to actually transporting our horses and coaching riders at competitions we can support your riding goals.