Sasha Shepherd

Every now and again a client comes along who just reminds us why we do what we do and renews our energy and enthusiasm. Please meet our Inspirational Rider for May – Sasha Shepherd.

Sasha started with us during Term one and when he started he was non verbal and had to “double dink” with M’liss riding behind him on Barney to support him. Three weeks ago I watched as M’liss put Sasha on with her and disappeared down to the arena. To my delight when they came back up M’liss was leading Sasha on Barney and he was able to balance and hold himself upright without any support!

So then he started to be led in his lessons on Apple. The second week of making friends and riding Apple with M’liss leading and with her encouragement he started to say Apples name !!!! and he now also tries to say other riders and volunteers names as well! M’liss and Sasha have become quite a team and he is very in tune with her.

Sasha’s Mum reports that his Physio and OT are absolutely thrilled with his progress after beginning Horse riding.

So, for a little boy who has come such a long way and responded so well it is our absolute pleasure to present Sasha with this award.