Tamara Keens and Lilly Forster

This month we have joint Volunteers of the Month. Big congratulations to the “terrible two” Tamara Keens and Lilly Forster who spent everyday on the school holidays with us helping out and were absolutely invaluable during the Day Camps! Well Done girls!!

From Tamara:
I’ve been helping out every week day (apart from Thursday) for the past 3 terms. After riding at CTRC for a term I started helping out at the day camps. I found it so much fun because this was one of the first experiences of volunteering in a fun environment. I never expected all the opportunities I would get from volunteering! I’ve gained valuable experience being around disabled people and young children. I have also learnt many things about horses I didn’t know before helping out. It’s been a great way to build up muscles while being with my friends and a bonus is being able to see my favourite horse Barney every day!!

Lilly – I have been volunteering here for a year and I enjoy it because it’s such a great team to belong to and it’s cool to teach the kids at the Day Camps. It has also taught me a lot about horsemastership – grooming, feeding, catching, leading and tacking up.